Do tradies need websites?

Yes! Tradie websites are a great way to engage with new customers, inform them about your services and facilitate that first contact. We know that as Australian business adapts to the digital economy more small businesses and tradies are making the move to online websites. The simple truth is consumers now expect to search, learn about, and book services via the web. 

In this post, we cover some of the top reason tradies need websites and offer some tips to address these key points on how to successfully address them with a tradie website.


1. Customers need to find you when searching for local tradies

You’re the best in the business. Your work is top notch. You’re efficient, competitively priced, and you always put the customer first. Customers are returning and telling others. Great! Repeat business and word of mouth referrals are fantastic but you still need new customers each and every week. The effectiveness of Yellowpages, letterbox drops, and other traditional mediums of advertising are decreasing each year as consumers become more digitally focused.

So how do you connect with these new customers? Let’s reverse the question. 

How do local customers find local tradie services? 

When your prospective client needs a chippy, sparky, or anything in between, most often they’ll use Google to give them direction. They will visit a number of sites, and when they find one that meets their needs they will make contact or ask for a quote. Without a website, a local tradie isn’t even a competitor for these customers. 

A website is your 24/7 local word of mouth tradie services salesperson chatting to all the people asking Google for help with problems that you can fix. 

Tradies should consider these website tips to ensure customers and search engines can find you:

  • Highlight the local nature of your business.
  • Ensure your website is optimised for local search results and is SEO (search engine optimization) friendly.
  • Submit your website to Google and other major search engines.
  • Use domain name where possible.
  • Connect your website with your Google My Business listing (or create a listing if none exists).


2. Customers need to know you offer the service they are looking for and that you can be trusted

Put your best foot forward. In our digital world, the first time a customer lays eyes on you, they probably won’t be looking at you or your handiwork. Most likely, they’ll be looking at your tradie website. If this is their first impression, it needs to be professional, concise, and easy to navigate. Your tradie website needs to clearly highlight your service offerings and convey a scene of trust to the customer.

Before a customer takes the step of contacting a tradie they want to know two things. Firstly that the tradie offers the service they are looking for and secondly that the tradie can be trusted to do a good job.

Tradies should consider these website tips to highlight their services and build trust:

  • Ensure your site is built with an optimised, clean and modern feel that works across computers and mobile devices.

  • Make sure you have an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate installed on your domain.

  • Clearly highlight the services you offer to your local area.

  • Use friendly images that convey good service and trust. Include ‘real’ photos of yourself and your van or office location.

  • Include links or feeds of social media accounts where you share your work.

  • Include real customer testimonials and photos of real work done.


3. Customers need to contact you in the manner they prefer

Business cards and car wraps with your phone number are a great advertisement, but when someone sits down to find a tradie late at night or a Saturday morning, odds are, neither of those are in sight. They’ll be on their lounge and opening a web browser, wanting to tick another thing off their never-ending to-do list.

When a customer is considering which tradie to contact, they often are first confirming that the tradie’s services meet their needs, that prices are within their expectations, and that the tradie and their website look and feel professional and trustworthy. After these boxes are ticked the next step is making contact.

Depending on the customer, they may prefer calling, emailing or filling in a contact form to contact a tradie. A tradie needs to ensure they are easy to contact when a customer makes the decision to do so.

Tradies should consider these website tips to assist customers to get in contact with you:

  • List your phone number clearly on your website. Ensure it displays this way across all devices.
  • Have a contact or quote form available for customers to make quick and easy contact. Limit the required fields on such forms to the essentials.
  • If you use Facebook for your tradie business, consider including a link to your Facebook page messenger for new customer contact (be accessible as possible; this doesn’t mean you need to answer at any hour)
  • Consider also including your email address for direct email contact. 


While the nature of how customers find tradies may be changing and becoming more digital, people still want the same things. People want to know your services fit their needs, they can trust you, and you have their preferred contact method to start a conversion around getting work completed. Tradie websites need to consider how customers are searching for their services and how to clearly share key information in a trustworthy manner. A tradie website needs to take all these aspects into consideration in order to best represent you and your business to the world, perform well on google and convert website visitors into paying repeat customers.

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