Collecting and presenting clear and informative content on your industrial website is key to being found on google.

We have assembled a number of key content components you will want to include on your website.


1. Key points of difference / broad statements

Key messaging statements are critical for getting important core messages into visitors minds. For Example (“Brisbane’s best supplier of XYZ” or “Brisbane’s biggest range of ZYC”) Such statements could be used throughout your website, for instance, overlayed on a featured banner image on the homepage, or as a statement on the contact page.

2. About us content 

Where was the business founded and what are your guiding principles? Eg. (Brisbane Industrial business ABC CO. was founded in 1990 with a commitment to provide the highest quality products and outstanding customer service.) Content ideas for your about us page:

  • History / Foundation date
  • Owners / Key personnel
  • Industry associations/groups
  • Awards Won
  • Noteworthy clients or contracts (eg. “We supplied XYZ product to the Sydney Olympics”)

3. Contact Information 

Having clear and easy to access contact information is critical to nearly every website. As an industrial business both new and current customers will use your website for contact information along with other parties such as suppliers and transport providers quickly looking for your address or phone number. Some content items to ensure you present on your contact page include:

  • Phone Number
  • Hours of Operation
  • Address
  • Email Address or Contact Form or both

4. Products and Services

What does your business make, sell or provide? We recommend listing each of your key products and services and providing a few informative paragraphs for each.

If your using an e-commerce platform or presenting your products and services in some kind of catalogue format you should consider writing each category a description in addition to each product or service has its own description.
This information not only assists customers in understanding your service/product offering, but it also helps Google know what your offering and helps to ensure your website is presented to the right type of searcher.

5. News / Blog

One of the most powerful ways to present content on your website is through a news or blog page. This doesn’t need to be a lot of work. At a minimum, you may choose to have 1 or 2 news articles or blog posts a month and a post could be as simple a few paragraphs about a new product announcement. (Keep it simple and grow from there). Here are some content ideas for your industrial websites news or blog section:

  1. New product or product update announcements.
  2. New brand on offer.
  3. Info about an upcoming holiday or closure hours.
  4. Team member highlight (phone and short write up of a key team member)
  5. Behind the scenes – Share info and images of how a product is made or finished.
  6. Project / Customer highlight – show off the amazing things one of your customers is doing with your products.

6. Our Team (Optional) 

Your “Our Team” page or “Our People” Page is a key place to list key individuals in your business. Depending on the size and type of business you may wish to include only the leadership team or those wanting to be featured online. Your team page may include photos and short bios of each team member.

7. Brands or Industries (optional) 

Some business choose to have a Brands or Industries page to help inform customers of the brand’s they carry and the industries they service. These individual pages can take many forms and sometimes one makes sense and not the other. For instance, if you supply or offer one major brand it might not make sense to have a brand page. The brand should be included throughout your site and content. However, if you sell this brand to multiple industries such as marine, aviation, mining, etc then having an industries page may be worth considering. Brands and Industry information can also be presented in alternative manners throughout your side such as which a combination of text, imagery or product categories in other sections of your site.

8. Customers / Testimonials (optional) 

Listing your best customer brands is often a way to sure up trust in your operation online. If you supply a few well-known brands and its okay to mention this publicly then having well-known brand logos on your site can go along way to building trust with a new potential customer. Again this information could be presented on its own page or throughout the site through text/images.

9. Projects (Optional) 

If your organisation has supplied products or services to projects where the customer has thanked you, or provided photos of the end result, these are great content pieces to include on a projects page. If you share a project online ensure you have the customers permission to do so and try generally include as much information as possible. One of the goals of presenting such projects will be that others completing or researching similar projects will find your site, learn from the past project and consider using your organisation as a supplier.

10. Product showroom or other content (optional)

Is there something else about your business that makes you unique? Perhaps support charities or you have a product showroom? Such things make great content that should be promoted online. If you have a showroom, for example, consider a page called “Brisbane Composite Showroom” for example. On this page, you should include content such as images from the showroom, information on the products in the showroom, the address of the showroom, and the hours of operation.


While this is not an extensive list of content you may want to consider for an industrial business website it should get you on the right track. It often makes sense to spend time considering your content and getting it to a place you are happy with before presenting it online.

If you building a new website or a major update, you often will have enough other issues to concentrate on that have good content to actually present online can be left to last. We suggest considering and collecting such content it first.

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