When it comes to creating a consulting website, there are several key points you should consider when thinking about how to present your consultancy online.

Whether you hire an organisation to build and manage your website, or you choose to do it yourself, having all your core information prepared will speed up the process.

Below are the top 10 things you should consider. Doing so will make your journey from concept to a complete website easier.

We suggest collecting the information you want to present online and using a simple word document to compile your ideas for a new website.

1. Look and Feel

What is the look and feel you want your consulting organisation’s website to convey? For ideas, visit 10 or so of your competitor’s websites. You will begin to notice common pages, sections and colour schemes in your industry. Often, consulting websites have a clean, modern and professional theme. Consider the colours you would like to see on your website, perhaps those featured in your logo.

2. Logo

Your organisation needs a logo for its website. There are not too many rules with logos, but it should be readable and represent your business and your industry as much as possible. If you don’t have a logo, consider a design service. You can begin by copying designs you like into your word document.

3. Homepage – Featured Image

When prospective clients land on your website you may want them to see a key image that captures your business and what you are about. Such images could have a text overlay or be a series of images that slide across the screen. Images can link to different pages or services you offer to help quickly connect visitors to the information they are after. Explore websites such as Shutter Stock at PixaBay for ideas. Save links to images you like in your word document.

4. Homepage – Featured Services

In addition to a featured image on your homepage, you may also want a few key services you offer. These should be those that are your core services or those you are trying to highlight. Such services could also be displayed in a featured image (3. Home Page – Featured Image). You should consider the title, copy & imagery you would like to use for your featured services. This information can be easily collected in your word document.

5. Services / Solutions Page

A core component of any consulting website is the services and solutions page/pages. Depending on the size of your organisaiton and service offering, this may be presented on a single page or multiple pages and sections. To get prepared, you should consider the following for each of your services:

  • Service Name (Management consulting, Marketing consulting, Leadership consulting)
  • Service Image (An image that can be used in association with this service)
  • A elevator pitch – 2 to 3 sustenance summary of this service. Could also be done in bullet points
  • A longer description – When someone wants to lean more, go into mere detail about the service. 3 or 5 paragraphs should work. You should consider SEO when writing this. In general, use the words your clients use to search for such services.

6. Team Page – Our People

Your Team page or Our People Page is a key place to convince potential clients that your consulting organisation has the skills and experience to solve their problems. Your team page should include photos and short bios of each core team member. You may also wish to include a link to team members LinkedIn profiles.

7. About Us Page

This page is concerned with information about your business. It should briefly mention any key points such as when the organisation was founded, any relevant history, key locations where you operate, or industries you work in. The about us page is a good place to highlight the specific region or geographic area where services are offered.

8. Contact Page

A key component of any consulting website is a contact page. Collect all your key contact information such as phone, address, email and any social links for inclusion on this page.
A simple contact form is also a common choice for such pages, so consider what information you would like to ask for on this form. (Remeber contact forms that require too much information can scare off clients, so consider what you really need from them on the first contact. Perhaps Name, Email, and Message fields as a minimum)
Contact information is often shared on the website footer, so it appears on every page. Some organisations choose to include their phone number in the top menu also. Consider these things and collect your information and preferences in your word document.

9. Main Menu

Now that you have considered the core sections of your site, you can begin to consider your main menu and how it will be presented. Ideally, you will link the or core sections of your website such as Home, Services, Our Team, About Us & Contact. Consider the wording and order or how you would like to present these items and mark them down in your document.

10. Build or Buy

There are many options for getting your website from paper to the internet. You can build and manage your website internally or get a web design company to build it for you.

Websites require regular monitoring to ensure they stay online, are updated with the most recent software, are secure from hackers, and are backed up regularly. This is called website maintenance. Your organisation should consider if you wish to maintain your website in-house or have an external company keep it online and updated.

Factors that you should consider when deciding weather to build or buy a website include your level of comfort with web development, the time you can commit to building and maintaining your website, and your budget.

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